The “Respect” brand/concept is part of the copyright heritage of the CommWorld group, being, in fact, the result of the creative sessions within the framework of the Creative Camp, which took place in Emsdetten, Germany, in the summer of 2008.

Through this communication concept, CommWorld meets the necessity of a social code in the operation of advertising agencies. This is put across not only by involving these agencies in projects of social impact, but also in the whole precept that is guided by respect, related with their own employees, customers, neighbors or with the social group to which they belong.

The contribution of nine members from four countries - Julia Middelmann, Hildegard Wellen and Thomas Börgel (pro-art, Germany), Jacob Thomsen (727,Denmark), Joenhy van den Berg (Cooks, Netherlands), Vera Ungureanu and Liviu Ungureanu (Heat, Romania), Mihkel Ronk and Romer Laidsaar (Kala Ruudus, Estonia) – led to the graining of the concept that the most honest and sustainable way of doing business must include the idea of social responsibility. Respect is to us the premise of great business relationships.