We recommend

These are some links we recommend for guidance, content, action and reaction, setting the tone, raising the bar, or just plain fun. But, most importantly, because they set the professional framework our industry lacks.
We would like to express our approval and support: they fully deserve it!

Help is on your doorstep: that is CommWorld’s creed, an independent marketing and communication European group. The reason for CommWorld’s existence is to best serve clients, both locally and globally.

The Romanian Association of Advertising Agencies watches upon protecting advertising agencies’ rights, upon supporting relevant projects for the industry and for raising professional standards.

The International Advertising Association is an unique strategic partnership that protects common interests of all disciplines from all marketing and communication specter, from advertising agencies to mass-media corporations, and also those of individuals.

Mad.co features the most recent marketing, advertising, media and design news, a portal that not only publishes news but also reflects upon the potential impact of one’s business, department or industry.

he World Advertising Research Centre is an independent company devoted to recognizing and promoting marketing excellence. The editorial team and the partnership with some of the most important advertising firms recommend WARC as a unique and reliable information source.

Adplayers is a media and advertising online magazine that also features instant e-mail alerts with the most important news in Romanian advertising.