Respect for

We have the opportunity of working for and besides professionals. Intelligent and dedicated people who won’t let things pass them by, who analyze everything deeply and take the decisions that have the optimum impact.

So, you can realize the way we feel in such exquisite companionship. We had and still have many things to learn from these professionals.

And we are lucky, because we can hope for more and more.

A good example is our relationship with Headvertising.

In September 2001we organized the the fourth edition of the Black Humor Festival, Humorror.

Together, we developed a complex concept that attracted a good deal of attention and echoes. Heat Advertising managed all the details regarding logistics and communication.

Also, the location we developed was among the five nominees for “ Best Branding Online” at the Internetics Festival in 2001.

Respect for our friends at Headvertising , at their 10th anniversary!