Photo Gallery: Creative Camp CommWorld: Emsdetten, Germany, 2008 June

32 members of the European family of advertising, CommWorld, gathered on the 26th of June in the German city of Emsdetten to support their favorite team in the battle of the European Championship.

The next day, Germany was preparing for the final against Spain, we were continuing our own “battle of ideas” on the field of advertising. We held a creative meeting in a pro-art publicity agency in the suburbs of the small city.

In a minimalist frame, chromatically put into style by the orange color gamut of the pro-art brand, the CommWorld creatives have exposed their arguments.

Next, we developed some communication campaigns upon the briefs proposed in the discussion earlier on.

Different cultures, different concepts as well, in a very warm atmosphere, joyful breaks with cookies and exotic snacks, all were the ingredients for a new fresh set of ideas that have been adopted in the end by the common creative heritage of CommWorld.

The "Respect" concept is an emergent of the creative contention upon the brief proposed by the Estonian agency Kaala Ruudus. It develops the idea of "Respect" as the central mark of the internal politic and ethic of the agency, in the way it aproaches clients, briefs and competition.

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