Photo Gallery: CommWorld Spring Meeting: Aarhus, Denmark, 2008

Workshop in a Boeing 727, Viking battles, European creative advertising, eating at a camp fire, organically colored wool – what could all of these have in common?

Each CommWorld meeting reminds us that people coming from different cultures and different countries can and do speak a common language – the advertising language.

Late spring 2008, May 21 to 24, we have been hosted by the Danish agency 727, although we never forgot they had defeated us (or, more adequately, had crushed us) in the European Football Championship qualifications, in 2003.

Surrounded by the jewel-city of Aarhus, where cool comfort meets the history of a pirates’ world, media planners from all CommWorld countries schemed together to create a special state of mind in the world of European advertising.

That is, a co-operational state of mind, that implies the search of an ensemble of sustainability parameters in advertising campaigns and in ways of approaching clients.

n other words, dear reader, we got together to discuss about how to advertise and how to make business with the CommWorld clients, the long-term kind, as ecologically, as profitably and as colorful as possible.

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