A Socialite’s Diary by Floriana Jucan

[Star Magazine Article, July 2005]

I must start by presenting my apologies to all those whom I have disappointed by missing our weekly meeting and leaving them to wait for me at the ‘bus stop’ of Time itself. Some of them are waiting still; some have given up, wondering how someone they really trusted could stand them up. I could ‘deliver’ at least a few reasons for my absence from last week’s edition of ‘Star’, reasons that would impel your feelings of infinite compassion towards me. Yet you know better than I do that I can only tell you the truth at the very risk of loosing you. It is a risk I choose to take. I didn’t write because... Should I tell? Or shouldn’t I? Because there were days when I couldn’t let anything from this mundane ‘touch’ me. I was transported to another dimension that cannot be explained. Perhaps I was fine or perhaps I was not fine. Please forgive me and try to understand! And forgive in advance for it may happen again.

"Parliament" – an Exceptional Party

The party that Philip Morris organized to celebrate the launch of the Parliament brand was indeed an exceptional one, starting from the location down to the guests. I can’t say how the new Super Slims taste - I haven’t tried them for I am not a smoker - but judging from the ecstasy exhibited by the other smokers, they seem to be the very elixir of happiness, in a poisonous way, of course. And they are recommended as the top luxury cigarettes of the premium category.

Upon entering the Contemporary Art Museum, not mentioning that I was really impressed with the blue ‘lightening’ the building, I couldn’t help remembering Adrian Nastase at the opening of the very same museum. It seems to me only fair to admit that we owe the existence of such a museum to our former Prime Minister as well, a true art and culture protector, unlike his successor.

I want you to take a close look at the photograph and you will see the hats presented at the event. They ware the signature of the famous house of ‘James Lock, the world’s oldest hat creator, the choice of all Europe’s crowned heads.

The pieces from the 2005 collection were simply gor-geous! Of course, it is only appropriate to remark the choreography and stage ensemble signed by Beatrice Rancea. Exceptional! I enjoyed the expert skills with which the Champaign was poured into a pyramid of glasses. I also admired Andreea Raicu. She was truly beautiful with the air of a movie star. I recommend the cover of this issue of Tango magazine for another side of Andreea: “sweet and debonair”. And, after you have a look at Andreea, turn a few pages and read the fabulous sincerity exercise offered by psychologist Aurora Liiceanu, that teaches us about despair, lost love and survival while keeping our mind, humor and hope.

I also noticed Peter Imre, first time since his break-up from Diana Lascarescu. The delicate situation I am in, being friends with both of them, keeps me from writing more on this subject. They were such a beautiful couple, and of course they loved each other and spent wonderful times together, but, as I myself know so well, they each wanted different things. And breaking up doesn’t mean that they stopped loving each other or thinking about each other. Nevertheless, life is, sometimes so surprising, and, when life doesn’t surprises us, we take that right upon ourselves. Our only comfort is that the love story and our memories go on, even after the relationship doesn’t.

The ‘Parliament’ Party was such a success thanks to the professionals from Heat Advertising and Image Promotion. Well done! [...]