11 New Members for IAA Romania

(IAA Press release, October 17th 2006)

Through the adherence of 11 new companies, the International Advertising Association reached the significant number of 102 members.

In all its 13 years of activity, IAA Romania developed projects meant to raise the standards and practices in the Romanian advertising industry. Among the latest projects developed by IAA are: reducing the tax for filming in public places in Bucharest and revising the Cinema and Audiovisual Code Law. It also counseled the Municipal Council of Bucharest in taking a decision regarding the outdoor advertising, and started the IAA School project - an educational program in Marketing Communication that will combine all the international professional standards of the communication industry.

The latest members to join IAA Romania are: BRAU UNION Romania, Brand4Brands, Global Media, Tandem Film Production, Well Done Communication, MisticMedia, Heat Advertising, Media Consulta, The Marketer Magazine, Photoland and United Media Corporation.

The IAA members are part of the global professional network of each sector of the marketing communication industry, among which are:

  • Advertisers

  • Advertising agencies

  • Media companies

  • BTL companies

  • Direct marketing companies

  • Movie production companies

  • Outdoor companies [...]

IAA is a tripartite organization, a unique strategic partnership that protects common interests of all disciplines of the marketing and communication specter, from advertising agencies to mass-media corporations. It is an association that includes all the disciplines involved in building a brand, organized in 96 countries around the world.

In Romania, IAA gathers over 100 advertising and media companies. Its mission is to promote in Romania the international standards acknowledged in the advertising field.