"Discover the Treasures Under the Ciucaş Lid"

Ciucas has awarded the "explorers" of the national promotion "Discover the treasures under the Ciucaş lid"!

Bucharest, December 2008 - Ciucaş has promoted the successful second national campaign, entitled "Discover the treasures under the Ciucaş lid".

"The Global Cooling Program", captured the spirit of the brand in 2007. This year, Cornel, The Stag, hid treasures under the Ciucaş bottle lids. The Ciucaş beer fans had three months to "dig" for treasures, and five lucky explorers, found the five prizes of 10.000 Euro each! The big prizewinners are: Mihai Busuioc (Vaslui), Marian Frăţilă (Roşiorii de Vede), Cornelia Precup (Zalău), Dumitru Titu (Piteşti) and Daniel Ioan Duma (Arad).

The promotion was launched on September 15th, and finished on December 15th, 2008. The prizes consisted of products - 5.000 beer packs, 6 bottles of 2 liters each, and money - 5 prizes of 10.000 Euro each, as reminded above. Under each lid of a participant product, the buyers could find messages announcing the prizes, along with a security code.

"This is our second large national promotional campaign. As in 2007, this year we wished to reinvent the mountain spirit that the Ciucaş brand represents, so we came up with the idea to hide treasures under the Ciucaş lids. We're happy that our beer entered the Romanian homes and, that we succeeded in bringing them some joy for the Holidays", said Andreea Bârsan, Junior Brand Manager Ciucaş.

During the three months, the campaign ran a TV spot, featuring the famous folk singers: Nicu Alifantis, Mircea Baniciu and Mircea Vintilă, as the brand’s ambassadors and also promoted through POSMs. Under the official contest rules, participants weree over 18 years old (reached until the September, 15th, 2008), residing in Romania.

The company’s info line (021.308.09.91) was available for customers and promotion winners, from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m., at a normal tariff. They could call to announce a winning lid and certify personal information.

The line was available throughout the promotion, except for the Legal Holidays. The contest rules were available, for those interested on www.infopromotii.ro and www.bereciucas.ro, during the promotional campaign. The agencies involved on this campaign were: Gavrilă&Asociaţii for creative ideas, Heat Advertising for the national implementation, Zenith for the media and Nicola Porter Novelli for the PR.