www.circumterra.ro = around the world… with a ship… without stop

[Heat Advertising press release, August 11th 2005]

Heat Advertising joins the skipper Sorin Drugan in his effort to circle the world on water, alone, without stop, on an approved route.

Sorin Drugan is used to ‘first times’, being the first and only Romanian sailor ever to cross The Black Sea alone, from Constanţa to Batumi (Georgia). This time, Sorin Drugan will join those who have managed to sail around the world, following the "classic" route, going around Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope, without using artificial channels such as Suez and Panama.

"Sailing around the world – that is, about 25.000 sea miles – takes up almost a year. Circumterra is an austere experience, I will see only water; but I feel prisoner on earth anyway. I want to show that a Romanian can make such an accomplishment", Sorin Drugan declares.

"It is amazing that there are some people who fight with so passionately to make a dream come true. This proves that anyone of us is capable of great performance! We will be supporting him all through his journey, even through the website we developed", declares Cornel Latis, General Manager Heat Advertising.

Ferdinand Magellan led the first "Circumterra", starting September1519 with 5 ships and 280 persons on board, and took three years.

Joshua Slocum, who, after 85.000 kilometers on water, became the first person that circled the world alone on a boat, accomplished the first solitary navigation.