Respect for people: Ochi pe degete (Eyes on fingers)

The OPD Association, supported by Heat Advertising, sustains artistic and educational projects in the restrictive areas of the society.

OPD creates an infrastructure meant to bring together pupils from special schools, their teachers and artists, in an attempt to reveal the creative impulses of the protagonists. Creations of the mind and soul, the achievements of those who get along here in this projects cannot be locked in a box and inserted in a category, being an image of the freedom of spirit.

With the support of Heat Advertising, OPD is hosting a couple of projects with diverse ways of expressing, in a continuous partnership with some artistic and educational institutions.

The project "Ochi pe degete" has a tactile manner, it brings both children and artists in contact with the plasticity and the pliancy of modeling clay, burning and painting.

Other projects, such as "Ganduri in miscare" (Thoughts in Motion), brings interaction in the world of movies, trying to stimulate the unconfined imagination of the most creative of the participants of the modeling classes. The characters shaped from plasticine come to “life” and the kids have the opportunity to understand ways of expressing which they thought to be unreachable.

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