Respect for the Nature:
Copacul Magnific
(The Magnificent Tree)

A tree is a promise.

It is the promise of the cleaner air that we will breathe, the chance of a forest that doesn’t exist yet, the joy of a safe and welcoming land, the dream of May magnolias, the bohemia of the summer’s adumbral picnic, the relish of autumn apples, the poetry of Christmas snow. Because we don’t want all these to vanish, Heat is involved in the initiative of founding the association "Copacul Magnific".

We make the recycling of paper rewarding

"Copacul Magnific" is an initiative for the recovery of waste paper in the school or university where you learn, company or office building where you work every day. But we do not stop here: our concern for the nature translates into environmental actions.

An efficient mechanism

The route to saving paper is simple: the partners donate their waste every month and "Copacul Magnific" collects and transports it to an industrial recycler. The obtained funds are used for projects proposed by the members with voting rights from the association.

Benefits and involvement

Transportation and logistics are provided for each partner, effectively and economically.

The quantity of paper donated is recorded at each collection, and the results are communicated directly to each partner and published.

Every 6 months, in a meeting with the partners, the association discusses the results and directions for development. Each member may be involved at this point in featuring the actions sponsored by the association.